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How Often Should You Be Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Texas Summer Heat?

How Often Should You Be Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Texas Summer Heat?

Some people in Texas don't think they have to fertilize their lawn in the summer because they have warm-season grass. Well, we're here to tell you that you should still be fertilizing your grass because the summers in Texas can be brutal—yes, even for your warm-season grass. The summers can get incredibly hot, so your grass will need an extra boost of nutrients from some fertilizer to survive and thrive. Administer a round of fertilizer at the beginning of summer to prepare your grass for the heat ahead. Then, apply more fertilizer at the end of summer to help your grass recover from the stress of summer. During the season, you’ll also want to ensure that you're getting rid of weeds so your grass can benefit from these fertilizer treatments! Continue reading to learn more about the importance of fertilizing your lawn twice during the summer.

Fertilize your lawn once at the beginning of summer.

Fertilized summer lawn in Saginaw, TX.

Even though we commonly have warm-season grasses in Texas, the summer can still be incredibly taxing on our lawn. The heat can sometimes be too much—especially in July and August—and the rise in temperature can your grass to struggle. That’s why it’s best to prepare your lawn for this heat with a fertilizer treatment at the beginning of summer. This treatment will supply your turf with essential nutrients that will boost its heat resistance and strengthen its root development to help it survive the summer heat.

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