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What Lawn Diseases Should You Be Aware of in Texas?

What Lawn Diseases Should You Be Aware of in Texas?

There are several common lawn diseases in Texas that you want to be aware of, some common ones being take-all root rot, brown patch, large patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, necrotic ring spot, and snow mold. Each disease can cause damage to your lawn in a different way, and they can be identified by unique characteristics. If you notice any signs of a lawn disease on your lawn, the best thing to do is to contact professionals immediately so they can identify the disease and apply the correct treatment!

What are some common lawn diseases in Texas that you should look out for?

A lawn in Keller, TX, affected by a lawn disease.

Here in Texas, there are a variety of lawn diseases that can affect lawns throughout the year. It's important to know what diseases to look out for and how to identify them so you can take any necessary actions to stop them from causing too much damage. Some common lawn diseases found in Texas include:

  • Take-all root rot: You'll typically notice this fungus in the spring and it can cause grass to thin out and turn yellow or brown. Poor drainage and over-watering will cause it to grow.
  • Brown patch: Your lawn is more susceptible to this fungus during hot, humid weather, especially when the grass is wet for an extended time. It causes brown, circular patches on your lawn with a dark border and if not treated, the grass will dry out and eventually die.
  • Large patch: This fungus is most active in the spring and late fall. It causes thin, circular patches of light...
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