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Dark mulch ready to be installed at a home in Aledo, TX.

Mulch Installation in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, & Nearby Areas of Fort Worth, TX

Mulch helps prevent soil erosion, weed growth, and more.

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Professional Mulch Installation in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, TX, & Nearby Areas

Choose from dark brown, black, and red-colored mulch for your property's landscape beds.

Dark mulch for installation in Aledo, Texas.

Installing mulch in your landscape beds helps refresh their appearance by providing a stunning contrast for your colorful plants. However, mulch does so much more than that. The right amount of mulch will protect your plants from soil erosion, retain soil moisture, block excessive sun exposure, and more. At Buffalo Outdoor, we can help you provide these benefits to your trees, shrubs, and flowers with our professional mulch installation service.

Our team offers color choices including dark brown, black, and red. These colors provide the much-needed finishing look for your property! Although we can install your mulch whenever you need us to, we recommend that you schedule our mulch installation service annually in the spring to replenish your old mulch and protect your plants from the heat of the summer. Our services are available to homes and businesses in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, TX and nearby communities.

We can install mulch at any time of the year.

Whenever you notice that your mulch is getting worn out and old, it's time to replace it. We offer our mulch installation service at any time of the year. However, we highly suggest getting into the habit of replenishing your mulch annually in the spring season! The benefits of mulch shine through the most when it is fresh and recently installed. Because our plants are coming out of winter dormancy in the spring and heading into the summer season, they will need all the assistance they can get to be able to thrive as much as possible in the coming months.

The colors of mulch we offer include black, red, and dark brown.

Black, red, and dark brown landscape mulch seen in Keller, TX.

The color of mulch that you choose has nothing to do with the quality of the mulch and everything to do with your preference! Each color offers the same benefits and will protect your plants, so this choice is all about creating your perfect landscape design. When you schedule our mulch installation service, you will have the option to choose from black, red, and dark brown mulch.

Many property owners that we work with opt for our red option because of the pop of color that it offers, however, the choice is totally up to you! If you are having trouble deciding, our professionals can certainly help you choose what will look best on your property.

Our experts know just the right amount of mulch to add to give you the most benefits.

New, fresh mulch is a blessing for your plants. Many property owners believe that mulch is simply for aesthetics, however, it is so much more than that! A few great benefits that your plants will receive from fresh mulch include:

  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Moisture retention
  • Water evaporation prevention
  • Weed growth prevention

In order to receive all of these benefits, your mulch has to be installed correctly. Dumping a bag of mulch on your landscape beds and calling it a day could actually harm your plants rather than help them; a thick layer of mulch might block air and water from reaching your soil, thus, preventing your plants from getting what they need to thrive. Our experts have been trained to add the correct amount of mulch every single time.

We make sure to always add a layer of mulch that measures about 2-3 inches thick for the best results.

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At Buffalo Outdoor, we are committed to delivering high-quality services time and time again. We offer mulch installation for residential properties in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, TX and nearby communities. Call our team today at (817) 349-0580 to schedule!