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Willow Park, TX Lawn Care, Landscaping & Pest Control

Enhance your property's curb appeal with our professional lawn care, landscaping, and pest control services!

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Professional Lawn Care, Landscaping & Pest Control Services for Properties in Willow Park, TX

We'll take care of your lawn and maintain your landscape while keeping your property pest-free.

Willow Park, TX, a city in Parker County that's home to a little over 5,000 residents. Willow Park is a city with small-town charm that embraces country living, though there are a lot of potential opportunities for developmental growth in the future. It's also close to Lake Weatherford, where you can immerse yourself in nature on the country's longest floating boardwalk.

At Buffalo Outdoor, we provide professional lawn care, landscaping, and pest control services to homes and businesses in Willow Park, TX. Give us a call today at (817) 349-0580 to schedule any of our services!

Our lawn care services will keep your turf healthy and beautiful year-round.

A technician applying weed control to lawn in Willow Park, TX.

Here at Buffalo Outdoor, we make dream lawns come true with our lawn care services! We take pride in performing top-quality services that'll keep your turf healthy and beautiful year-round. Our lawn care services include:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our routine lawn fertilization treatments will supply your turf with essential nutrients that enhance its beautiful green color and strengthens it.
  • Weed Control: We use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments throughout the year to keep your lawn free from pesky weeds like crabgrass, dallisgrass, and nutsedge.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We stop lawn diseases in their tracks with our curative treatments, including take-all root rot, brown patch, and fairy ring.
  • Lawn Insect Control: Our curative lawn insect control treatments will stop armyworms and other insects from destroying your turf.

We provide landscape maintenance services to keep your property neat and manicured.

The state of your landscape influences your property's curb appeal, whether neat and manicured or unkempt and overgrown. Fortunately, we ensure the former with our landscape maintenance services:

  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: We'll spray or hand-pull weeds from your landscape beds to keep them weed-free.
  • Lawn Mowing: We rotate between weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly mowing depending on the time of year. We'll also string-trim, edge, and blow your lawn afterward to ensure it's neat and properly maintained.
  • Trimming Service: We'll trim your plants to enhance their natural shape by removing stray or overgrown branches and foliage.
  • Mulch Installation: We can install black, brown, or red mulch to enhance the appearance of your landscape beds and the health of your plants.
  • Leaf Removal: We can remove leaf piles from your property in Willow Park, TX to keep it looking pristine and preserve the health of your lawn.
  • Fall Cleanups: We will remove leaves and debris from your lawn and landscape beds, reshape your landscape beds, and trim your plants in preparation for the winter.
  • Spring Cleanups: We'll prepare your landscape beds for the spring by removing debris, reshaping them, and trimming your plants.

Illuminate your property with festive colors this holiday season with our holiday lighting service!

Kick Pesky Insects to the Curb With Our Pest Control Services

A mosquito found over grass blade in Willow Park, TX.

You may believe insects are inevitable, inside or outside your property, but they won't stand a chance against us! We'll kick pesky insects to the curb with the following pest control services:

  • Perimeter Pest Control: We provide monthly perimeter pest control treatments from May until October, spraying our effective product 3 feet up the exterior of your home or business and across your entire lawn. These treatments will create a barrier that insects cannot penetrate, protecting your inside space and your lawn from fleas, ticks, ants, chinch bugs, chiggers, and more.
  • Mosquito Control: We'll visit your property eight times from April until September to apply our mosquito control treatments. We'll blanket the treatment over your entire property using a fogger, including your trees and shady areas.

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A beautiful lawn, manicured landscape, and pest-free property are within reach! We offer our premium lawn care, landscaping, and pest control services to residential properties in Willow Park, TX. Call us at (817) 349-0580 to schedule any of our services today!