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Lawn Disease Control Services in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, & Nearby Areas of Fort Worth, TX

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Lawn Disease Control Services in & Around Keller, Aledo & Saginaw, TX

We can eliminate brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, and more!

At Buffalo Outdoor, we offer professional lawn disease control services to residential properties in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, TX, and other nearby areas. Our team can apply highly effective curative treatments to eliminate common fungal diseases, including take-all root rot, brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, and more. Call us at (817) 349-0580 to schedule any of our lawn disease control services today!

Take-All Root Rot Control

Take-all root rot is a damaging lawn disease that infects the roots of your grass, causing them to turn black and rotten and resulting in irregular brown patches. However, we have just what you need to fight back against this fungal disease - our take-all root rot control treatments! These curative applications will eliminate take-all root rot from your turf so it doesn't continue to cause additional damage, and it can focus on recovering.

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Brown Patch Control

Brown patch is a common fungal disease that causes circular patches of brown or yellowing grass ranging in size across your lawn. Not only that, these patches also have a darker-colored ring around them. If you suspect brown patch has infected your turf, look no further than our curative brown patch control treatments! These treatments will protect your turf from further damage by stopping this disease in its tracks.

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Large Patch Control

Large patch is a lawn disease that becomes most problematic in the spring and fall, causing circular patches of discolored grass, which have an orange-yellow ring around them. If you suspect your lawn has contracted this disease, schedule our large patch control treatments as soon as possible. We will inspect it to confirm the presence of large patch before administering our curative treatments to eradicate it.

Dollar Spot Control

Dollar spot is a fungal disease that forms small, circular, bleached spots on the grass blades about the size of a dollar coin, hence the name. However, they can merge and turn into large areas of straw-colored turf, so you'll want to take advantage of our curative dollar spot control treatments as soon as you notice signs. When you do, our team will visit your property to apply them, stopping it from spreading further.

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Fairy Ring Control

Fairy ring is a lawn disease that causes circular rings of discolored grass. They can be dark green or brown, with the grass inside and outside of the rings seemingly untouched. Fortunately, we can help eradicate this disease from your lawn with our curative fairy ring control treatments. Once we've successfully stopped it from spreading, our pros will work with you to create a customized lawn care plan to help it return to good health in no time.

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Gray Leaf Spot Control

Gray leaf spot is a fungal disease that causes discolored spots on the grass blades with a gray center. As the disease progresses, these lesions can merge and spread over the entire grass blade. If you notice signs of gray leaf spot on your lawn, it's time to schedule our gray leaf spot control treatments. When you do, we will inspect your turf and apply these treatments to ensure it doesn't continue to spread and cause problems.

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Necrotic Ring Spot Control

Necrotic ring spot is a destructive lawn disease that causes rings of straw-colored or light-green grass to appear either scattered across your lawn or in a specific area. It's essential to treat this disease as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming worse, so we'll apply our highly effective necrotic ring spot control treatments to do just that. Once it has been eliminated, our team will help nurse your grass back to health.

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Snow Mold Control

Snow mold is a lawn disease that usually occurs from wet leaves sitting on your grass for an extended period and displays as light gray-tan spots. If you notice signs of snow mold on your turf, then our snow mold control treatments are just what you need. We'll come out to your property and apply our curative treatments to remedy this disease before devising a plan to help your lawn recover afterward.

We can routinely fertilize your lawn during the growing season to provide all the nutrients it needs to stay in tip-top shape and resist fungal diseases in the future.

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Don't let lawn diseases wreak havoc on your turf! At Buffalo Outdoor, we offer curative lawn disease control treatments to homeowners in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, and nearby areas in Texas. Call us at (817) 349-0580 to sign up today!