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Colorful fall leaves being raked and removed in Keller, Texas.

Leaf Removal in Keller, Aledo, Saginaw, & Nearby Areas of Fort Worth, TX

Take back your free time by scheduling our leaf removal service.

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Leaf Removal Service for Properties in & Around Keller, Aledo, & Saginaw, TX

We offer our leaf removal services to save you the hassle of performing this task yourself!

Removing fall leaves from a driveway in White Settlement, TX.

Raking the leaves on your property can often become a day's work and may seem like an endless task. Instead of performing this task yourself, why not leave it to the professionals? At Buffalo Outdoor, we can handle the leaves on your property with our leaf removal service!

When you schedule this service, our team will arrive at your property in our vacuum truck and will rake and blow your leaves towards the curb so that we can vacuum them up and haul them off. Our leaf removal service is available starting in December, and you can sign up for visits as frequently as you would like. Make sure to schedule this service with us as soon as possible to ensure that your property is locked into our schedule before it fills. We offer our leaf removal service in the Keller, TX area, including Aledo, Saginaw, and nearby cities.

Our Leaf Removal Procedure

Our leaf removal service ensures you a clutter-free yard in no time! During this service, our team will remove the leaves from your property using several tools. First, we will use a rake or use leaf blowers to get the leaves out of your landscape beds, off of your lawn, and towards the curb.

Many companies stop their process there. They may bring all of your leaves to the curb or leave them in piles around your yard to make bagging them more convenient for you. This isn't the case with us! Once we've gathered all the leaves on your property, our next step will be to use our vacuum truck to draw in the leaf debris and haul it away so that you don't have to worry about the mess.

When We Offer Our Leaf Removal Service

At Buffalo Outdoor, you can call us for leaf removal whenever you need us. We typically see a rush for our leaf removal services in the fall and early winter months, as this is when many leaves are falling from your trees and covering your lawn. However, some clients need our services all throughout the year because of the types of trees that their property has!

We offer our leaf removal service to properties of all sizes size!

Schedule our leaf removal service as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, leaf removal becomes a pretty popular service in the fall and early winter when leaves are shedding the most here in Texas. For this reason, our leaf removal service tends to fill up quickly around this time. To secure your appointment with us, we recommend that you schedule our leaf removal service as soon as possible. The earlier you're locked into our schedule, the sooner you can have peace of mind.

Ready to protect your lawn this fall? Schedule our leaf removal service!

Don't spend your precious free time doing manual labor raking up all of the leaves on your lawn, just to have them sit in bags on your curbside! When you schedule our leaf removal service, you can rest assured that your lawn and curbside will be free of leaves while you sit back and relax. We offer our service in the Keller, TX area, and in nearby areas like Aledo and Saginaw. If you're ready to get started, call us today at (817) 349-0580 to sign up for this service!