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Aerial shot of a neighborhood in Westover Hills, TX.

Westover Hills, TX Top-Tier Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Our lawn care, lawn and landscape maintenance, and pest control services will keep your property in peak condition year-round.

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Our lawn care and maintenance services are available to homes and businesses in Westover Hills, TX.

We provide lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn mowing, perimeter pest control, and more.

Westover Hills, TX, is a charming, small town in Tarrant County. It is a tightly-knit neighborhood filled with beautiful properties and lush trees. Westover Hills is also a short jaunt away from Fort Worth, where people can explore exciting attractions like the Fort Worth Zoo and Fort Worth Botanic Garden and still be a short drive away from their hometown bliss.

Here at Buffalo Outdoor, we help homeowners and business owners in Westover Hills, TX, unleash the full potential of their properties with our lawn care, lawn and landscape maintenance, and pest control services. From lawn fertilization, weed control, and lawn mowing to perimeter pest control and mosquito control services, we have you covered.

Our lawn care services help lawns grow strong and become resilient.

Our lawn fertilization program at Buffalo Outdoor is designed to provide essential nutrients to help your grass become strong and build its resistance to withstand stressful conditions. This program also includes weed control treatments that utilize pre- and post-emergent herbicides to keep weeds off your lawn. When you sign up for this program, we'll visit your property in Westover Hills throughout the year to apply our treatments and provide continual protection.

Westover Hills is no stranger to lawn damage caused by turf diseases and insects. But you can count on our team to not let your grass suffer extensive damage from these stressors with our lawn disease and insect control treatments. We provide treatments that target take-all root rot, brown patch, fairy ring, armyworms, chinch bugs, and more.

Maintain a Pristine Yard With Our Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services

Leaves being removed in a lawn in Westover Hills, TX.

Your lawn and landscape, when properly maintained, will make your property in Westover Hills look stunning. Our team can ensure your yard is in tip-top shape throughout the year with our lawn and landscape maintenance services. We offer a lawn mowing program that runs all year long and includes string-trimming, edging, and blowing debris off your hardscapes.

We also provide fall cleanups, spring cleanups, leaf removal, and plant trimming services to ensure your yard is in excellent shape throughout the year! These landscape maintenance services will keep your yard in Westover Hills debris and leaf-free while maintaining your plants' manicured appearance. It's also important to look after your landscape beds, as these are great focal points in your yard. We offer a landscape bed weed control service to eliminate weeds from your landscape beds that detract from their visual appeal and can weaken your plants.

Our holiday lighting service will make your property brighter and more cheerful this holiday season!

Our Pest Control Services Combat A Wide Range of Pests

A tick found on grass blades in a lawn in Westover Hills, TX.

We offer a perimeter pest control service that involves monthly treatments from May through October. During our visits, we make sure we apply our treatments up the side of your home or business and over your entire lawn to ensure your property in Westover Hills, TX, is thoroughly protected from pesky critters. Our pest control treatments target a wide range of pests like ants, beetles, spiders, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and many more.

Our mosquito control service is designed to attack mosquitoes in their harborage areas, like trees, foliage, shaded areas, mulched spaces, and other areas on your property. This service runs from mid-April to September, so your property will be protected during the mosquito season.

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If you're looking for a professional team that can look after your lawn and landscape and tackle the pests lurking on your property, you've come to the right place! Our team at Buffalo Outdoor offers lawn care and maintenance services to residential properties in Westover Hills, TX. We also provide reliable pest control treatments so you don't have to deal with creepy crawlers! Call us today at (817) 349-0580 to sign up for our services.