It is crucial to follow the correct fertilization schedule to keep your lawn in Texas strong and healthy throughout the year. In spring, you should fertilize twice to promote new grass growth and prepare it for the intense summer heat. During summer, it's best to apply another two rounds of fertilizer to replenish its nutrients and sustain it through the season. In the fall, the last two applications of fertilizer should be applied to help the lawn recover from summer and enter winter in a healthy and robust state, so it can then emerge from winter dormancy with ease.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the spring to promote new growth and prepare for summer.

A professional fertilizing a residential lawn in Keller, TX.

The spring season is a time for growth, and your lawn is no different. As your lawn gets ready to start growing again after the winter season has passed, you'll want to provide it with the nutrients it needs to start the growing season on the right foot. For the best results, apply fertilizer once in mid-spring (mid-March - mid-May) and once in late spring (mid-May - late June). A fertilizer application in mid-spring will promote new grass growth as your lawn gradually emerges from winter dormancy. This new grass growth will encourage a dense, vibrant lawn sooner in the growing season. Another fertilizer application in late spring will help prepare your lawn for the upcoming summer. If your lawn goes into the summer with a sufficient supply of nutrients to feed off of, it's more likely to not only get through the summer but thrive during it.

Apply two fertilizer applications in the summer to replenish nutrients during a critical time.

Summer will bring extended periods of hot, dry weather, which will force your lawn to absorb nutrients quickly. To keep up with the demand for nutrients, you should fertilize your lawn twice in the summer. Apply it once in early summer (late June - August) and once in late summer (August - mid-September) to ensure your lawn is equipped to combat the heat of summer. A fertilizer application in the early summer will replenish any nutrients absorbed in the spring and ensure it has enough going into the summer. Due to the intensity of summer, those nutrients will get absorbed quickly and will need to be replenished once again during late summer. This application will help carry your lawn through the end of the hottest season.

Two fertilizer applications in the fall will help it recover from summer and prepare for winter.

To help your lawn recover from the summer with ease and go into winter better prepared, you should apply fertilizer twice in the fall. One application in early fall (mid-September - late October) and another in late fall (late October - December) will yield the best results. A fertilizer application in the early fall will replenish your lawn's nutrient supply from the summer and help it recover. Fertilizing again in the late fall will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to make it through the winter season and emerge in good condition in the spring.

Fertilizing your lawn in late fall will encourage a quicker transition to green in the spring as it will emerge from winter dormancy much healthier!

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