Fleas and ticks are a nuisance, and with summer underway here in Texas, these pests are at their most active. With an increased risk of them latching onto your pets and children, it's crucial to stay vigilant in protecting them. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce the flea and tick population on your property, such as keeping your lawn mowed and debris-free; this will make it less appealing to them, as they use tall grass and debris as hiding spots. You'll also want to perform a full body check of your kids and pets after being outside to ensure no unwanted hitchhikers have made their way onto them. However, the best way to get optimal protection is to sign up for professional flea and tick control treatments.

Mow your grass and keep it debris-free to reduce hiding spots for fleas and ticks.

A red lawn mower in use on a property in North Richland Hills, TX.

A great way to reduce fleas and ticks on your property and protect your pets and children is by keeping your grass mowed and debris-free. These pests hide in tall grass and debris accumulation, such as sticks, leaves, and twigs, because it gives them a dark, moist environment and protects them from potential predators and the elements. However, regularly mowing your lawn and removing debris allows more sunlight to reach the ground and reduces their hiding spots, making it less appealing to fleas and ticks.

Check your kids and pets for fleas and ticks after being outside.

Fleas found on our potential client's pet in Watauga, TX.

Another step you'll want to stay vigilant about is checking your kids and pets for fleas and ticks after being outside. These unwanted hitchhikers can latch onto them without being noticed, so performing a thorough full body check once inside will ensure you stay proactive in protecting them.

When checking your children for fleas and ticks, you want to look for small, black bodies on their clothes or skin. These pests can be anywhere, including their hair, under the arms, back of the knees, in and around the ears, and the waist. On the other hand, when checking your pets for fleas and ticks, you'll want to run your fingers through their fur and feel for any small bumps. You'll also want to look between the toes, around the neck and ears, and the legs.

Throwing your and your children's clothes in the dryer on high heat for about thirty minutes will kill any fleas or ticks on them.

Get optimal protection from fleas and ticks by signing up for professional treatments.

Our pest control professional spraying a lawn for fleas and ticks in Haslet, TX.

Mowing and removing debris from your lawn and thoroughly checking your pets and children are great proactive steps to protect them from fleas and ticks. However, the best way to get optimal protection from these biting pests is by signing up for professional flea and tick control treatments. When you do, pros will come to your property and spray products proven effective against fleas and ticks. Not only that, but they'll also reapply several times throughout the active season to provide consistent, overlapping coverage when you need it most. That way, you can breathe easier knowing your property is free of these pests and your kids and pets are safe.

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