If you're wondering whether your lawn in Texas needs pre-emergent weed control, the answer is yes! Pre-emergent weed control is a highly effective treatment that prevents weeds from sprouting on your turf. It does this by creating a barrier in the soil that newly germinated weeds can't penetrate, stopping them before they even get the chance to pop up and cause problems. As a result, it drastically reduces the population. These treatments should be applied four times a year: pre-spring, early spring, fall, and late fall. However, you'll also want to utilize post-emergent weed control throughout the year to eliminate any existing weeds on your lawn.

What is pre-emergent weed control?

Pre-emergent weed control is an herbicide treatment that prevents weeds from sprouting on your lawn and causing problems in the first place. It's applied across your entire turf and seeps into the soil, creating a protective barrier that newly germinated weeds can't penetrate. So, as they try to grow further and access the resources they need, it will stop them from doing so.

Some common weeds in Texas include crabgrass, nutsedge, dallisgrass, poa annua, and henbit.

Does my lawn need pre-emergent weed control?

Your lawn needs pre-emergent weed control because it drastically reduces the number of weeds that pop up throughout the year. Without this treatment, you could end up with a lot of weeds. Not only does this drag down your lawn's curb appeal, but it also weakens it because weeds compete with it for nutrients and other resources. However, with pre-emergent weed control, you and your grass won't have nearly as many weeds to deal with.

When should you apply pre-emergent weed control?

Timing is crucial with pre-emergent weed control, as you want to ensure you apply it before a certain point in the weed growth cycle for maximum effectiveness. Because of this, you'll want to administer this treatment four times a year:

  • Pre-spring: Applying a pre-emergent treatment in late winter will help you get ahead of spring weeds so your lawn can transition into the new growing season without any competition.
  • Early spring: Another round of pre-emergent weed control in the early spring will bolster defenses against newly germinated weeds trying to grow through the surface.
  • Fall: A third round of pre-emergent weed control during the fall will ensure winter weeds don't cause problems while your lawn is dormant.
  • Late fall: A fourth and final round of pre-emergent weed control should be applied in late fall to build off the previous treatment and prevent winter weeds from surfacing.

Make sure to use post-emergent weed control to tackle existing weeds.

While pre-emergent weed control is highly beneficial for preventing new weeds from growing, it isn't effective on those that have already surfaced. Additionally, some weeds may have already passed a certain point in their life cycle when the pre-emergent was applied, so they weren't affected by it. Fortunately, that's where post-emergent weed control comes in. Post-emergents are sprayed directly onto an existing weed to eliminate it. You can use these treatments throughout the year to target any that have already infiltrated your lawn.

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