Don't make the mistake of either only fertilizing or only applying weed control treatments to your lawn in Texas. These two lawn care services should always be used together to promote a strong, healthy lawn that's also free of weeds! Using one without the other could result in a less-than-ideal outcome. For example, when you fertilize without applying weed control treatments, you're not only feeding your grass but the weeds as well, encouraging them to grow stronger. If you apply weed control treatments without fertilizer, you'll create a weed-free lawn but not necessarily a healthy one, as it might still lack proper nutrients. When you combine these two lawn care services together, however, you can ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs without having to compete with those pesky weeds, producing a robust, weed-free lawn!

What happens if you fertilize without applying weed control treatments?

Applying fertilizer to your lawn is a great way to provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. However, just like grass, weeds utilize nutrients to grow strong as well. If you fertilize your lawn without applying weed control treatments, you won't just be feeding your grass but the weeds, too, making them stronger. This can make your weed problem worse, and it can negatively affect the health of your grass because the weeds will be stealing some of the nutrients that were meant for it.

Fertilizer treatments should always be paired with weed control treatments to prevent weeds from stealing nutrients from grass.

What happens if you apply weed control treatments without fertilizing?

Weeds are a major problem for lawns in our area of Texas, so it's important to apply weed control treatments to keep these nutrient-stealing plants off of your turf. However, it's also important to pair fertilizer treatments with weed control. Applying weed control without fertilizer may result in a weed-free lawn, but it won't have the necessary nutrients to thrive. Without those nutrients, your lawn may become weak, susceptible to various harmful factors, and start to lose density and its healthy, bright green color. Fertilizer will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to remain healthy, robust, and vibrant.

Fertilizer treatments are designed to supply lawns with essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Why should you combine fertilizer and weed control treatments?

A healthy lawn in Keller, TX, after fertilization and weed control.

To help ensure your lawn is both healthy and beautiful, you'll want to make sure you are pairing fertilizer treatments with weed control treatments throughout the year. By doing so, you'll be supplying your grass with the nutrients that it needs, while eliminating weeds that would otherwise try and steal those nutrients for themselves. If you only apply one or the other, your lawn could either become overrun by weeds or struggle to grow!

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At Buffalo Outdoor, we will help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free when you sign up for our lawn care program. Our lawn care program includes both fertilization and weed control treatments to yield the best result. Our program begins with pre-spring (mid-December to late January) treatments and ends with late-fall (mid-October to mid-December) treatments to ensure your lawn is provided with what it needs to thrive throughout the entire year. We offer our lawn care program to residential property owners in Keller, TX, and other surrounding areas, such as Aledo, Saginaw, Benbrook, and Fort Worth. Give us a call today at (817) 349-0580 to sign up for this program and let us help you achieve the healthy, green, weed-free lawn that you have always wanted!