Fertilization is essential for caring for your lawn and giving it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, green, and resilient to stressors. However, there are two types of fertilizer: liquid and granular. Liquid fertilizer is sprayed across your turf and considered fast-release, providing nourishment to its roots almost immediately. On the other hand, granular fertilizer comes as small granules, which are spread across your lawn and have to be watered in to activate. This treatment is considered slow-release, delivering nutrients gradually over an extended period. Both types are beneficial, but liquid fertilizers are ideal for lawns in Texas because they allow for better nutrient uptake and will get yours in prime condition in no time.

What is granular fertilizer, and how does it work?

Granular fertilizer, as the name implies, consists of small granule pellets that are spread across your lawn and need to be watered in to activate. These treatments are considered slow-release, meaning they deliver nutrients gradually over an extended period. Once the granules are watered, they begin to break down and work into the soil, nourishing the roots underneath in a controlled way.

What is liquid fertilizer, and how does it work?

Liquid fertilizer is a water-soluble treatment that is sprayed across your entire lawn via a hose. This type of fertilizer is considered fast-release, meaning once it's applied, it begins absorbing into the soil and providing valuable nutrients to the roots of your grass almost immediately. Not only does the nourishment work quickly, but it's also a faster, more efficient application method, allowing you to cover all areas of your turf.

Fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, macronutrients essential for boosting your lawn's green color, root development, and strength.

Should you use liquid or granular fertilizer for your lawn in Texas?

Both liquid and granular fertilizers are beneficial and provide valuable nutrients, but the question remains - which should you use for your lawn in Texas? Liquid fertilizers are ideal because they allow for better nutrient uptake, so they are more readily accessible to your grass. As a result, it can quickly absorb the nutrients and begin utilizing them to fortify its health, verdancy, and overall vigor. Not only that, but liquid treatments don't need to be watered in to activate, which makes nourishing your lawn and the process more efficient. When you use this type of fertilizer, you can achieve the most beautiful, lush grass on the block in no time.

You should always hire pros to fertilize your lawn, as they have access to high-quality treatments and know when to apply them to yield the best results.

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