Armyworms are a serious threat to lawns in Texas. These pests are the larvae of moths with sleek bodies that can be distinguished by the yellow or white lines down their backs. Armyworms feed on grass blades and move in large numbers, which is why they can cause extensive lawn damage in a short amount of time. They are most active in the late summer to fall when the hundreds of eggs that the female armyworms laid earlier in the season hatch and the larvae start to feed. If you notice signs of an armyworm infestation on your lawn, contact professionals immediately. They can determine if it is infested by armyworms and administer effective curative treatments to eliminate them from your turf.

What are armyworms, and what damage can they cause to your lawn?

Armyworms are the larvae of moths. These destructive pests have small bodies spanning only about 1 1/2 inches long. Their sleek bodies are smooth and can be tan, green, or almost black with yellow or white lines on their backs.

Despite their small size, armyworms can cause extensive lawn damage because of their appetite. They feed on blades of grass, and they can cause extensive damage to your turf in a quick amount of time if a large amount of them go marching through your turf. Armyworm damage appears as patches of brown grass that look ragged upon close inspection. If your lawn is already in distress due to drought, it is more vulnerable to armyworm damage!

What time of the year do armyworms become most problematic?

Armyworms are most problematic from late summer to fall. The warm weather in the summer months provides favorable conditions for female armyworms, which can lay hundreds of eggs. These eggs will then hatch after a few days, and when they do, the larvae will start to feed on your grass after a few weeks. You'll want to keep a close eye out on your lawn in late July to early August because that's the time of the year when they are most likely to infest your turf and cause damage to your grass.

What should you do if you notice signs of an armyworm infestation?

If your lawn is showing signs of an armyworm infestation, quick action is crucial. You need to contact professionals immediately! Because armyworm damage can resemble drought stress, lawn care experts can diagnose your lawn correctly and determine if it is really infested with armyworms. Once they confirm it, they are also equipped with the proper products to eliminate the infestation. They'll administer a curative treatment that can target the armyworms and stop them in their tracks before they cause more damage.

You can invest in lawn care services like lawn fertilization and weed control treatments to boost the health of your lawn and help it recover from armyworm damage.

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