Mowing your lawn in Texas is a crucial maintenance task you should do all year, as it keeps it manicured and healthy, plus boosts your property's curb appeal. However, the frequency changes depending on the season. So, how often should you mow? You'll want to do it bi-weekly in March for the start of the season, then switch to weekly from April until October, as this is when your lawn grows the most. In November, you can reduce mowing to bi-weekly again since it won't need it as often. Then, from December until February, you should only do it once a month to avoid harming your grass since it isn't actively growing.

You should mow your lawn bi-weekly in March and weekly from April until October.

A red lawn mower in use on a property in Benbrook, TX.

During the winter, your lawn in Texas goes dormant to preserve its resources and strength. Once spring arrives in March, it symbolizes the start of the new growing season and when it emerges from dormancy. Because of this, you should mow your grass bi-weekly during this month to stimulate new growth. Then, from April until October, you'll want to do it weekly to keep up with it since it's now actively growing. Following this schedule during the most crucial period of the year will keep your lawn manicured and continue bolstering its overall health.

Switch Back to Bi-Weekly Mowing in November for Your Lawn in Texas

As the growing season ends in November, you'll want to reduce how often you mow your lawn in Texas to bi-weekly again. This transition to a reduced frequency is important because your grass will start growing at a much slower rate. So, mowing it as often as during the active season can stress it out and potentially even harm it. However, bi-weekly is still enough to keep it at an ideal height and ensure it looks great without overdoing it.

You'll want to mow your lawn once a month from December until February.

When winter rolls around come December, your lawn in Texas goes dormant. The colder temperatures will slow its growth, so very little will occur to save most of its resources to survive the season. As a result, it won't require as much maintenance, so you'll want to significantly reduce how often you mow your turf to once a month from December until February; this will ensure it stays in optimal shape even during the winter and avoid putting it under additional stress while dormant.

Don't forget to rotate your mowing patterns every time you cut your lawn to avoid causing ruts to form and pushing the grass in one direction!

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