Pests are a nuisance that can invade your home or business in Keller, TX, and disturb your peace. Fortunately, you can take proactive measures to keep them outside where they belong! First, you should clean up any crumbs, spills, and dirty dishes right away to avoid attracting pests to a potential food source. Second, you'll also want to store your food properly in sealed containers to keep them from accessing it. However, while these steps will reduce the amount of pests that find their way inside, scheduling a perimeter pest control service is the most effective way to ensure your home or business remains free of these unwanted guests.

1. Clean up any crumbs, spills, and dirty dishes immediately.

One of the ways you can keep pests from invading your home or business in Keller, TX, is by cleaning up any crumbs, spills, and dirty dishes immediately. When left alone, these tiny messes provide an easy food source for them. After all, they have a keen sense of smell and will track down anything they can eat. So, if you want to keep from inviting them into your inside space, it's best to wipe up any crumbs and spills and avoid leaving piles of dirty dishes in the sink! This simple step will help eliminate potential sources of attraction and make it less inviting for pests, deterring them from seeking a meal inside your home or business.

2. Keep Your Food Stored Properly in Sealed Containers

Another way to keep pests out of your home or business in Keller, TX, is by storing your food properly in sealed containers. Pests love to feast on our food and will go to great lengths to get it, plus fit into even the smallest crevices and openings. By putting it in tightly sealed containers, you limit their access to food and minimize opportunities for them to find a reason to enter your inside space. It's also important to remember to put pet food in sealed containers, as that can attract them, too.

3. Schedule a Perimeter Pest Control Service


While cleaning up messes and storing food properly will help reduce the pest population inside your home or business in Keller, TX, nothing is as effective as scheduling a perimeter pest control service. When you do, professionals will visit your property multiple times throughout the active pest season to treat around the exterior of your building and across the lawn. These treatments are designed to create a barrier that prevents pests from gaining entry in the first place. Additionally, they only use products proven effective at keeping them out to give you the best results. That way, you don't have to worry about seeing them inside anymore!

Many professional perimeter pest control treatments are effective against numerous common pests in Keller, TX, including ants, beetles, spiders, crickets, and more.

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